The most crazy game in London

The gioco of London is named The most crazy game. In London, we’ll run strange distances in slowmotion, we’ll sing over the river,  we’ll set the clock, we’ll performance a we’ll speech, we’ll invent crazy machines, we’ll take an irreverent tea, we’ll search about plants, we’ll eat blindly, and we’ll take an irreverent tea inventat a new writting.

Download: The most crazy game (en) (pdf of 182KB). Date of release : September 2018. Last update: September 2018. Translation: Español (septiembre 2018).

List of cards and resources:

  1. Marathon miles
  2. God save the Queen
  3. ¿What time is it Willy Fog?
  4. Theaters
  5. Speaker’s corner
  6.  Crazy machines
  7. Virginia Woolf
  8. Kew gardens
  9. Blindly
  10. The Rosetta stone

Travel notebook : London places and advices.