London travel notebook

Some London places and advices are:

  • The British Museum: there is something called Hands On, volunteers that tell you a great story from a little objects that put over your hands. For kids, the museum lends them an explorer bagpack.
  • Natural History Museum:  Natural History Museum: it has a little bit of a theme park and large queues, however the old building is amazing and for kids the reseach area in the basement is cool, they lend objects and tools for thinking, observing, drawing and working on a table with microscopes and other gadgets.
  • Novelty Automation: is a play room with fun machines and robot that all are hand made. Its creator is Tim Hunkin, an engienieer and hacker with a passion for creativity. At website, they give you a free token.
  • Kew Gardens: the botanical garden. It’s perfect to scape of London noise (but not of its planes) and ideal to enjoy a picnic day and to get lost there. Apart, the strong interest of the hothouses. They organize children activities. It is one of the places where you cand find more locals. Please, see the Kew Gardens video introduced by Carlos Magdalena (and read his book The Plant Messiah).
  • Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground: the best children park that you can find. Caution, see the opening times . It has a big wooden pirate ship surrounded by sand, tipis, etc.
  • The National Gallery: it is a very important tour around the paint history arts. Althought, the insufficient educational activities offer contrasts with the rest of the museums.
  • Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies: this shop has things for monsters (and some for humans) and feeds the imagination, supported by famous writers. They organize writing activities for Hoxton children and release his creations with Penguin. It has a short opening hours but is very worth it to visit the shop.
  • Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden: it is a small and charming garden inside of an old ruined church where you feel isolated from the around rough.
  • Advice for tickets in some places: tickets online use to be cheaper and then you’ll have less quee waiting time. It’s the same for train tickets. Besides, some trains (like to and from airports) have special discounts in some turistical places.

Food and drink:

  • Abeno Too: very good asiatic cusine with Okonomiyaky. They cook on the table.
  • Battersea Pie Station: tradicional english pie, with severeal recipes and very good tastes (despite a not very good service -maybe the day-). It is at Covent Garden market.
  • Gordon’s Wine Bar: At Watergate Walk, old wineries in a basement. You can drink and eat something there.
  • MOVI (aka Matters Of Vinyl Importance): Cafeteria and music shop. It is a very charming place where you can listen good music and play Hungry Hungry Hippos. It’s close to Ministry of Stories and Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.
  • Spun Candy. handmade candies, it is a shop with a shop and open bakery, very good candy flavours. They organice kids activities. There are some Spun Candy shops in London, we were at Wentworth St.
  • Wagamama. It is an asiatic cusine international franchise based in London, very good food and good prices. The staff is very nice (at least, at Bedford St.).

Other palces:

Translation: español (junio 2018).