«El gioco más loco» is a fun game for travel as a family. It has cards about some European capitals (people, culture, arts, sports, etc.).

«Gioco» is the Italian word for game and «loco» is the Spanish word for crazy, «El Gioco Más Loco» could be «The Most Crazy Game».

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El gioco game instructions

Play like you want. However, 9 of 10 dentists recommend:


  • Print «El gicoco» (or use online or download).
  • Take your paper notebook or a sketchbook, some colour pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener.


  • Start everyday writing the date and the place where you are. Then write or draw your favourite things of yesterday.
  • Complete 1 o 2 cards everyday.
  • Choose your order for your cards. There are cards perfect for an specific place and other cards, more generalistic, are for anywhere.
  • Use the most bored moments during your travel: museum queues, transport transfers, waits at restaurants, etc.

From 0 to 99 years:

  • “El gioco más loco” is perfect with school children and is more enjoyable playing like a family. Besides, some cards need some help or explanations, but you can play to “El gioco más loco” like you want and at any age.


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